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Welcome to the Traffic Safety Education Foundation video library. Below you'll find our 5 most popular DVDs available for free to stream by the chapter plus our 5 Award-Winning Public Service Announcements (PSAs). To see the PSAs CLICK HERE. YouTube is our streaming video provider. Make sure you have the most recent version of your browser. Questions? Contact us.


vehicle driver aid technology today

The Vehicle Driver Aid Technology Today (VDATT) video contains 22 chapters. It explains how vehicle driver aid technology is designed to help a driver who may be distracted or need an assist to be safer on the road. VDATT also highlights many of the warnings associated with driver aid technology. Every driver needs to understand and heed the manufacturer warnings associated with driver aid technology. Nobody should assume, or drive, as if driver aid technology is 100% effective or reliable, because it isn’t.

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awareness driving techniques for today

This new resource greatly expands the important knowledge and information found in my other lessons. It centers on the use of eye scanning, situational awareness, hazard perception and critical thinking while driving - major safety skills new teen drivers need when behind the wheel. 

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This video explains how unprepared many new drivers are. Many of them don’t get enough structured driving education, yet pass their driving test and receive a license. The video also covers how traffic fatality and injury rates have increased recently. It provides critical information to help the students combat these tragic realities.

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realities of driving today

the parent driving zone

This DVD contains a lot of information for parents with children of ALL ages and clearly explains why they need to change driving habits and distracted driving choices, especially when their children are in the vehicle. It also simply explains why these changes should apply, at least by the time their children are 4 or 5 years of age and preferably from newborn.

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the driving zone 2

The goal of The Driving Zone 2 is to reach as many new drivers as possible through education, whether those driver education teachers are public school teachers, commercial driver education teachers or parents.  Using the DVD will provide new drivers with the skills they need to be much safer in the first five critical years of driving on America’s roadways. 

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