2020 President, ADTSEA

Thank you for caring and seeking to be involved to help teachers throughout America to better help their students.  I also admire how you have excelled in so many areas of your professional life.  I believe you have enriched Driver Training Safety Education professionals throughout America more than anyone else.

Angela, Administrator/Parent - 2019

I have used this DVD every year and it is absolutely loaded with great information!

Cannot thank you enough for all your time and efforts helping save our students lives!  


Everything in your DVD is so useful and the kids love having a professional driver with all your experience teach and talk to them about defensive driving.


The best DVD in my class!

God bless and happy safe driving!!

Todd, Driver Education Teacher - 2019

Andy, just wanted to thank you again for coming up to Wisconsin for our State conference.  You hit it outta the ball park.  Many positive comments afterwards from our members about your presentations.  Thank you for doing what you're doing. 

Bob, Driver Education Teacher/Parent - 2019

Andy. Just to let you know the videos arrived ok and have been given to my students. Much thanks for all you do for Driver Education. The films were very valuable for me to use in my basic class for High school and with Commercial teachers.

"It's great to finally hear someone share facts and actual numbers rather than their opinion," was one of the many positive comments I received about your DVD’s from CDL Students.

Scott, CDL/Driver Education Teacher/Parent - 2019

I very impressed with not only your material but you as well Andy when I met you at SCSTSEA last year in SC. Your materials have been extremely helpful.

Tommy, Driver Education Teacher - 2019

Thank you for being such a strong advocate for such an important issue. I really love the fact that not only was my student influenced by your plea/knowledge, but you gave me my own light bulb moments.

I just got a new car and have started thinking that hand-free phone calls were completely safe until you explained the minimization of my periphery when my focus is elsewhere. And most important I learned that even though I may not crash into something while eating French fries I am very vulnerable and not paying enough attention to 'the others' as I should.

Harry, Driver Education Teacher - 2018

"Hence a need for "The Parent Driving Zone." It includes behavior-altering information for parents of children of all ages."


Pirelli World Challenge star Andy Pilgrim makes teens, parents better drivers.

Autoweek - 2014


"But he has come to realize that the key to educating future drivers is to educate their parents right now. And adult drivers need educating."


Auto racer's goal is safer drivers for now and future.

Detroit Times - 2014

"Pilgrim noted countries such as Germany average 2,100 fatalities for a population of 91 million people, while the United States has 38,000 fatalities each year with a population of 320 million - well above what should be the expected average of 8,500 deaths"


Professional racecar driver Andy Pilgrim

Cullman Times - 2014


("This note below is from one of my smartest student’s parent…she couldn’t thank us enough for providing her with this valuable resource of information to keep her daughter safe when driving. God bless you for all of the great work that you do.")


Judy Weber-Jones

Illinois High School and College Driver Education Hall of Fame

Gibson City, IL - 2014


"Andy Pilgrim did a terrific job with “The Driving Zone” DVD. I found the DVD very beneficial and useful. He brought up topics in the DVD, such as little kids paying attention to their parent’s driving at younger ages than we realize, that I would never have realize until I watched the DVD. He deserves a lot of recognition for taking the time and caring about teen drivers enough to make this DVD. I feel that all parents of teens should watch this DVD. It is very worthwhile."


Parent, IL - 2014


 "I just witnessed one of the best speakers I have seen. Andy is passionate about safe driving. His amazing DVD on driving show his passion for teaching our youth proper techniques and anticipation of errors on the road. This is a must to view with young people before or during behind the wheel driving. He is uncanny on getting his message across as he uses anticipation techniques learned from racing, and applies that to every day driving. Actually this applies to everyone who sits behind the wheel."


Parent, IL - 2014


"Wow!!!! I have spent much of this day going through all of the three different parts of the delightful DVD that you have developed entitled “The Parent Driving Zone.” This is without a doubt the most comprehensive documents (DVD, video and audio) of what parents need to know to help young people to learn how to drive. One thing that is equally important is that this DVD will make and parent (for that matter, any person) a better driver. I like that you start out with the topic of distracted driving and that young people will drive as they see their parents drive. I also like what you have done with Part 3 where you provide information to parents of very little children, a bit older children, for teenagers who are just learning how to drive, and for those teenagers who already received their driver’s license. I also like that you bring up one big issue in the DVD of those teenagers who wait until they are 18-20 years old to get their license...We finally have a video available for driver education teachers which they can use in the classroom to help teen drivers see and understand visual related information and how to drive in many different situations. The format of short video segments, make it a valuable tool for use in the classroom situation."


Dale O. Ritzel

Professor/Director Emeritus, Health Education/Safety Center

Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 2014


“OH WOW! Your video is a homerun!”​

Judith Klinek

Chief Academic Officer, School District of Palm Beach County - West Palm Beach, FL - 2013


"I have already bought two copies of the video ‘The Driving Zone 2 ©’ and passed them on to teen-age drivers. It is the best video on this subject that I have seen and would like to have more to give out."


Parent, MD - 2013


“I received the DVD’s…been handing them out like hotcakes.”​


Andrew Hagopian, Senior Vice President of Retail - MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, NV - 2014


"I have taught Driver Education for 26 years and this is one of the best and most comprehensive Driver Education DVD that I have ever seen.  Andy does a tremendous job of getting the message across about the dangers of distracted driving and the different types while explaining how all this effects our senses and alters our driving performance.  He explains everything in a matter of fact easy to understand method.  He has also broken the DVD down in to different chapters that go along with the Drive Right book which I use for all my Driver Education classes.  I also like how he put in a special parent section in the DVD because this is vital that parents set a good driving role model for their kids so they don't pick up their bad distracted driving habits.  His tips on how to get teens focused before they get behind the wheel has benefitted my students as well.  This DVD covers it all and I can't thank Andy enough for the time and effort he has put into this DVD to help save teen lives and eliminate this # 1 killer of teens motor vehicle crashes.  Thanks to Andy we are going to get all the schools in the State of Illinois his "Driving Zone 2 ©" DVD.  The IHSCDEA feels this DVD is a must for all Driver Education curriculums to include distracted driving."

Mrs. Judy Weber Jones

Illinois High School and College Driver Education Hall of Fame - Gibson City, IL - 2013


"After viewing the DVD, I thought it was excellent because it showed typical teenagers (HS Students) and the problems and influences that their peer group exerts on them.  Also, it again shows that the believe that many teens have and that is "I"M BULLET PROOF  - NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO ME - I CAN DRIVE JUST AS WELL TEXTING, TALKING TO FRIENDS IN THE BACK SEAT, HUNTING FOR MY FAVORITE CD" and the list goes on and on."


Parent, IL - 2013


"I attended the conference you appeared at in New Hampshire a few months back -- just wanted to say how impressed I was with your program and with what you've been trying to do by spreading the word of safety to the students. There are several points in your DVD -- The Driving Zone 2 that I use to drive home the point of safety and awareness.  I'm a retired US Army officer and currently work at the Police Department in my home town of Hampton, New Hampshire -- so I use many real life situations in class to illustrate a point and it seems to have a positive effect on the students."


Parent, NH - 2013


 “We have many DVD’s of interviews and general racing information and of course great racing scenes, but none of them offer information that my son will use on a daily basis. This is why I think that “The Driving Zone 2 ©” DVD will not only offer another bonding moment, but will be educational as well.”

Parent, CA - 2013

“We are using it in every class we teach now. Awesome material.” 

Dale Mooberry, IL - 2013


 “I had a chance to review them over the weekend and really liked what I saw.  I especially liked the segment with the “helmet cam” – real world situations that typically only come through experience.  I’d really like to include a copy of your DVD with each student I sponsor.” 


Jim Everse, KY - 2013