the parent driving zone


The Parent Driving Zone DVD is Unique. Here's Why:

Traditional driver education is focused towards new drivers,

to help them when at the age they are learning to drive.

Focused at this same age group, are monies from major

corporations to foundations; producing PSA's and running

safety campaigns all over the US.


According to recent research, focusing all this information on

children at the age they are learning to drive is about 10 years

too late, for the majority of new drivers. Why? Because at least

75% of newly licensed drivers will drive with the same unsafe

driving behavior and distracted driving choices, they have

learned from watching their parent’s drive. This will be the case

for the majority of new drivers, no matter what a limited amount

of drive education might show them and also because of a very

weak driving test.

Parents need to understand; they may get away with driving

distracted, because they have years of driving experience and

some skills. But, if a new driver copies their parents unsafe driving

behavior and distracted driving choices this is a big problem.

This is because new drivers don’t have enough skills and experience and this gives us the perfect bad recipe. Copying parent’s bad driving behavior and choices is exactly why so many new drivers get into collisions and crashes at an unreasonably higher rate than other drivers.


I believe all parents want to help protect their children. Research shows us that it is parents who are the biggest influence on their child’s driving education, way ahead of peer groups, structured driver education, police enforcement, laws, tragic stories and more.


It is also reasonable to assume that if parents understand, that their distracted driving behavior is harmful to their children; they will be very interested to gain knowledge and information and then make changes to help better protect their children.


Collisions and crash rates for new drivers are directly related to whether parents were distracted drivers when their children were in the vehicle, as those children were growing up.


The driving test in the US is much too easy. It is unrealistic to think that driver education can make much positive impact on what 75% of new drivers have learned from seeing parent and adult distracted driving behavior for their whole lives.


Another point that makes distracted driving such a massive problem in the US is this. 95% of all vehicles in the US have automatic transmissions. This fact enables drivers to more easily have a hand free and make more distracted driving choices. In Europe for instance, only 20% of vehicles have automatic transmissions. Many countries in Europe have a smaller death per mile number than the US with a 9 or 10 times greater traffic density.


I believe we really need to widen the focus of driving education in the US. The new in 2014 Parent Driving Zone DVD does just this. This DVD is designed to help any parent, wanting to help teach their child to drive, with a huge amount of unique knowledge not found anywhere else. If a parent learns and follows the safer practices described in The Parent Driving Zone, then their child will get much more out of the whole driver education process, whether the parent is the only teacher, or the child attends any other kind of driver education course.


What else is different about this DVD? The DVD contains a lot of information for parents with children of ALL ages and clearly explains why they need to change driving habits and distracted driving choices, especially when their children are in the vehicle. It also simply explains why these changes should apply, at least by the time their children are 4 or 5 years of age and preferably from newborn.


Another unique point; the DVD contains the outline for a Mobility Curriculum in Middle Schools. This is an idea with good reason behind it. Cycling and Pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries are going up at an alarming rate. I believe this is due unfortunately, to more and more drivers in slower traffic areas, choosing to drive distracted.


As a way to combat this serious problem, I explain in the DVD, how we can teach important survival skills to middle school age children, skills such as eye scanning, situation awareness, safety zones, blind spot awareness, “open your ears as well as your eyes” and more. This is information that can and should be used while children ride their bicycles and even while walking through parking lots or down the street. These skills will help young children see distracted drivers before they become a problem to them. Also, these same survival skills can be used when the time comes for them to drive.


Another key point on this; if we do teach mobility skills and how to recognize distracted driving to middle school aged children, then these children will have the knowledge and power to speak up as they see this kind of unsafe driving behavior from adults. They will not only have the knowledge to speak up to help themselves; but this early education will also help to create a safer driving culture for all of us in the future.