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What is a New Driver?


I consider a new driver to be anyone with less than 5 years of driving experience, regardless of age. Some teenagers may think this is a long time, but statistically it really isn’t.  Vehicle insurance companies keep very tight controls on when they drop rates for drivers and they do not consider a new driver to be much less of a risk until they are over 25 years of age.


Driver’s ed. will help you obtain your license, but having a license does not automatically make anybody a good driver.  In fact, many adult drivers with years of driving experience are unsafe drivers.


The sad truth is; the driving test in the US is way too easy and passing it will do little to help you be a good driver.  This should not be the case, but it is.  If you want more info on this please have a look at the Realities of Driving Today video production.    


My goal in speaking to new drivers has always been to give you understandable and useful information that I believe can really help you while driving on the streets.  It is the kind of information that most Driver’s ed courses will not provide. They don’t provide this type of information, as drivers ed courses are mandated to focus on road rules and street signs. As I mentioned, mandated driver education curriculums are teaching new drivers how to pass a driving test that is way too easy.  I concentrate on giving new drivers the information they need to better survive collision and crash free after they start driving on their own. 


What is the difference between the information I provide and a driver’s ed course?


The information I provide is knowledge that all drivers need but most do not have.  It is the kind of information that is used constantly by highly trained driving professionals at all times, as they drive.  If this information keeps the experts safer, then it can certainly help to keep new drivers safer! 


As a new driver, people are expecting you to be in a couple of little wrecks or fender benders…right?  Wrong!  It is not written anywhere, that just because you’re a new driver, you’re supposed to get into wrecks.  However, it is no secret that driving collisions and crashes are the number one killer of teenagers; there are over 6,000 traffic deaths and 500,000 serious injuries of 13 – 19 year olds that occur every year on US roads.


The goal of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation© is to help change these statistics for the better; I strongly believe that good information, presented in an understandable way is vital for new drivers!


The information in Realities of Driving Today and Parent Driving Zone/Driving Zone 2© are completely up to date, containing information not found in most driver education curriculums.  This information can help you, please check it out. 


Our DVD’s are being used by thousands of driver education teachers and help supplement State mandated curriculums.  The unique collection of information and knowledge in the DVD also helps parents and new drivers learn together as a team.


Please become part of the solution to America’s epidemic of distracted driving, never drive distracted.

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