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the traffic safety education foundation is a 501.C3 Organization

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The Traffic Safety Education Foundation’s mission is to educate new drivers, parents, teachers and children of ALL ages.  We focus our education to combat the ever-growing problems on America’s roads.


Driving experts drive differently because of what they know.  Education is the key to improving driving knowledge and from this, driving safety.


Traffic safety groups, government agencies, corporations and countless foundations have focused all their efforts on targeting children when they start the learning to drive process; this is years too late. This Family Traffic Safety

Education Packet is designed to help families with children of ALL ages, right now!


New problems need new solutions and the Family Traffic Safety Education Packet is exactly that; a new solution. It doesn’t matter if your child is newborn or any other age up to 18; using the information contained in “The Packet” can start helping you and your family today!

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