Traffic Safety Education Foundation initiative for kentucky

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation (TSEF) will support three traffic safety initiatives in Kentucky. These initiatives will provide cutting-edge traffic safety education materials and information to parents with children of ALL ages, Kentucky driver education students and to Kentucky driver education teachers. This website contains original, no-cost educational materials, including streaming video presentations, DVDs, a schedule of classroom and corporate public lectures (coming in 2021) and print-on-demand materials for ALL audiences. For Kentucky residents, we offer the programs listed below. Click on any of the program buttons to learn more.

Train the Trainer combines proven teaching materials created by the TSEF. Classroom sessions and low-speed driving practice courses in Bowling Green, KY, plus online and in-person seminars. Professional driver education teachers based in KY, are encouraged to participate at no-cost, along with ANYONE who will be teaching/supervising a new driver.

This Kentucky-focused traffic safety campaign is aimed squarely at parents with children of ALL ages, schools and corporate employees. The program directs participants to our website where they can stream original TSEF educational videos, work guides and request TSEF educational DVDs, all at no cost. This website will also contain schedules for offsite and virtual workshops, lectures and operational times for the driving practice course all based in Bowling Green KY. 

The TSEF has created a driver training program located at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green KY. This FREE training program is open to student drivers and others with a full driving license over the age of 18. Student drivers will need to have a parent or other authorized adult over the age of 25 with them, in the passenger seat. This course is targeted at parents, guardians and others who are teaching a child to drive, helping them complete their 60 hours required under KY GDL. Click above to reserve your spot!