Kentucky Train the trainer initiative

Train the Trainer program combines proven teaching materials created by the Traffic Safety Education Foundation (TSEF), in-classroom sessions in Bowling Green, KY, a low-speed driving practice course (also in Bowling Green, KY) plus online seminars, coming in 2021. 











Professional driver education teachers based in Kentucky, are encouraged to participate, along with ANYONE who will be or is currently teaching/supervising a student driver; this includes parents, guardians, relatives and more. Research performed by the TSEF over the last decade shows parents are the biggest influence on how their children drive. 








IMPORTANT: As stated above, parents are the most important driving influence on their children, even though most parents don’t realize it. The training starts from the time a parent turns their child’s car safety seat around to face front. From that moment, children start to learn parent driving habits and behaviors from watching them drive. For parents, older siblings, grandparents and all other adults - if you're driving and a child is in your vehicle, they are watching you and will learn from your driving habits and behaviors. Please set a good example and cut out all driving distractions, even hands-free phone calls are not safe. 

NOTE TO PARENTS: The driving course is specifically targeted at parents, guardians and others who are teaching children to drive, by doing supervised driving time with them (60 hours required by KY GDL).


All are welcome to participate. Use of the driving course, all educational materials and classroom sessions, are available at no cost.

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