welcome, parents and educators!

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation (, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been awarded a grant by the Kentucky Department of Transportation to provide its award-winning content, free of charge to Kentucky educators and parents with children of all ages. The TSEF has been an advocate for safe driving behaviors since 2008, providing distracted driving awareness materials nationally.


Here is sample of a Traffic Safety Education Foundation public service announcement:

5 full-length videos containing over 150 chapters of FREE viewing.

Middle school teaching curriculum, instructional guides and evaluation forms.

TSEF offers 5 full-length DVDs FREE of charge. Request yours here.

Inquire about online seminars or booking Andy Pilgrim to speak at your school.


TSEF Founder, nationally-recognized safe-driving advocate and professional race driver Andy Pilgrim has spoken to thousands of teachers, students and parents across the country. His unique and cutting-edge education materials and messaging helps ALL parents understand; children start to learn driving habits and behaviors from watching their parents drive, from the moment a parent turns their child's vehicle safety seat around to face front.