Traffic Safety Education Foundation initiative for kentucky

Parents, Schools & Corporate Traffic Safety Initiative - 

This Kentucky-focused traffic safety initiative is aimed squarely at parents with children of ALL ages, school students, plus, corporations and their employees. Program educational materials can be found on our ALL Resources page


Participants can view or stream original TSEF educational videos, print work guides and request TSEF educational DVDs, all at no cost. The TSEF website also contains schedules for onsite and virtual workshops, lectures and operational hours for the Driving Practice Course located in Bowling Green KY. 


As an outreach program, the Kentucky Parents, Schools & Corporate Traffic Safety Initiative's goal is to make all drivers, new and skilled alike, better, safer and smarter behind the wheel.

for parents - 

Central hub of ALL TSEF educational materials

5 videos containing over 150 chapters of FREE viewing

TSEF offers 5 full-length DVDs

FREE of charge

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Driving Lesson

TSEF produced DVDs and streaming videos are available at no cost. The TSEF produces unique educational traffic safety materials for parents with children of ALL ages; driver ed students and driver education teachers. For this Kentucky-based initiative, TSEF has a library containing 5 full length traffic safety education videos, containing hundreds of chapters, plus 5 public service announcement (PSA) videos. All these videos are currently utilized by thousands of driver education teachers, parents and students throughout the US. 

for schools and educators - 

Grades 4 - 8 Student Mobility Curriculum for Schools

Measurements of Success for Lesson Plans

Evaluate Retention of Curriculum Lesson Plans

TSEF offers all 5 DVDs

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Boys on their Bikes

The TSEF grade 4 to 6 Student Mobility Curriculum is widely used in schools to help younger children and their parents begin thinking about traffic safety earlier. The US has seen a huge increase in traffic deaths and injuries over the last 6 years, due to a massive increase in distracted driving. Younger children need traffic safety information as much as older children, especially when it comes to being a pedestrian or riding their bicycles. Sadly, the potential for distracted drivers nowadays is extremely high. Our children need to see the distracted drivers, before they become victims. The TSEF will be reaching out to Kentucky schools in order to help educators and school administrators effectively reach out to the parents. The TSEF has traffic safety materials to specifically help grade 4 through 12 students and their parents.

for corporations - 

A pledge

for corporate employees/owners

5 PSA videos highlighting traffic safety issues

TSEF offers all 5 DVDs

FREE of charge

Help pinpoint specific traffic safety areas

TSEF has unique messaging and traffic safety information for Kentucky corporations and their employees. It is vital for all corporations and their employees to understand not just corporate concerns, but also their employee’s potential for legal exposure to litigation resulting from traffic collisions or crashes; things are not how they used to be. By implementing more effective “employee safe driver” programs, corporations can help cut their own costs and give vital information and training to employees, which can help their families stay safer. It is vital for corporations to re-educate employees on at least an annual basis when it comes to traffic safety, vehicle safety, distracted driving, phone use policies and more.