Introduction to The Driving Zone 2


The Driving Zone 2 provides driver education teachers, parents

and new drivers with cutting edge information and knowledge to

help in the process of driver education.


The DVD is presented by The Traffic Safety Education Foundation,

a 501c3 entity founded in 2008 by Andy Pilgrim.


The Foundation's mission is to educate new drivers, parents,

grade 4 thru 8 students and all adults about the deadly problems

associated with distracted driving.

The Driving Zone 2© DVD is up to date and packed with

information not found in most driver education curriculums. 

The DVD has been picked up by over 25,000 driver education

teachers in 46 states so far.  These teachers are using the

information contained in the DVD to supplement their

mandated curriculums.  


The knowledge contained in the DVD sits on top of the curriculum

and provides teachers with the vital information that all new drivers

need to help them survive the critical early years of driving.

The goal of the DVD is to reach as many new drivers as possible through education, whether those driver education teachers are public school teachers, commercial driver education teachers or parents.  Using the DVD will provide new drivers with the skills they need to be much safer in the first five critical years of driving on America’s roadways. 

Proceeds from DVD sales will go to the Traffic Safety Education Foundation. Funds will be used to provide new knowledge and cutting edge information to help educate as many people as possible about this deadly and completely preventable distracted driving problem.


The Foundation produces DVDs and PSAs and donates them to underfunded school districts and to commercial driving schools. Foundation work also consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking engagements all over the US at research conferences, driver education teacher conferences and in schools speaking to grade 4 through 12 students.