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The Vehicle Driver Aid Technology Today (VDATT) video contains 22 chapters. It explains how vehicle driver aid technology is designed to help a driver who may be distracted or need an assist to be safer on the road. VDATT also highlights many of the warnings associated with driver aid technology. Every driver needs to understand and heed the manufacturer warnings associated with driver aid technology. Nobody should assume, or drive, as if driver aid technology is 100% effective or reliable, because it isn’t.

Awareness driving
techniques for today

This new resource shows 27 different every day driving situations. It includes freeways, merging, red light runners, night time, rain, snow, ice and more. It centers on the importance of eye-scanning, situational awareness, hazard perception and critical thinking while driving. It clearly shows numerous driving situations and how even the smallest distraction, will make a driver either dangerous or vulnerable.

THE parent driving zone/
Driving Zone 2

This DVD contains The Parent Driving Zone and the Driving Zone 2 video productions in their entirety. All chapters for both productions are easily accessed through the DVD menu. The Parent Driving Zone DVD is designed specifically for parents with children of ALL ages. It clearly explains why parents need to drive distraction-free at all times, but especially when children are in the vehicle. Parents, please understand, children start paying attention to & learn from your driving habits and behaviors from the moment you turn their child safety seat around to face front.

the realities of
driving today

This video explains the realities of driving in America today. Over a million people a year pass the US driving test, yet, less than half actually received any structured driver education; this is a very unfortunate fact. This video provides critical information to help driver education students combat these too often tragic realities.