how you can help

Donations are always welcome.  Your tax-deductible donation will make it possible

for the Foundation to provide new knowledge and cutting edge information to help

educate new drivers, parents with children of ALL ages, teachers and grade 4 thru

8 school students about the dangers associated with distracted driving and other

important traffic safety issues.


The Foundation produces new DVDs and PSAs and

donates them to underfunded school districts and

other groups. In total, thousands of educational DVDs

and PSAs have been donated to students, parents

and driver education teachers.  Foundation work also

consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking at driver education teacher conferences and schools throughout the US. 


Foundation work consists of Andy engaging in important research and also speaking at numerous conferences all around the US; FBI/Quantico, The National Sheriffs Association, Lifesavers, National, State and Regional driver education teacher conferences.  Andy also spends a lot of time speaking at high, middle and elementary schools.


With your help, the Traffic Safety Education Foundation© will continue to be part of the solution to stop the epidemic of distracted driving and other deadly traffic safety issues. 


Join us in our fight.  


Please, never drive distracted, but pay special attention to this if children are in your vehicle, they are learning to drive from watching you drive, every day and at every age.